About the NZ Association of Metal Recyclers

The NZ Association of Metal Recyclers is the national association for metals recycling. Our varied membership ranges from individual metal recyclers through to large-scale processors and end-users of recycled metals. The majority of our members deal primarily or exclusively in metals.

The functions of the Association are to:

  • work with government and local bodies on policies affecting metal recycling
  • promote co-operation and networking between our members to help solve common problems within the industry
  • inform and educate the public about metals recycling
  • promote the interests of the metal recycling industry


Meet the Team

We're led by a volunteer Board - all have experience in the metals recycling industry.

Richard Harrison

Richard is the Trading Manager at Phoenix Metal Recyclers NZ and is based in Auckland. He has been working in the metals recycling industry since 2007. A previous Board member for two terms, Richard is now serving a two-year term (commencing 2018) as President. Richard is responsible, along with Vice-President Vance Stewart, for media communications.

Vance A Stewart
Vice President

Vance is the Office Manager at Dominion Trading Company Limited in Christchurch. He is a former registered property valuer and has been involved in the metal recycling industry since 2009. Vance is a fourth generation family member of Dominion Trading Company and enjoys assisting the industry, board and the President.

Greg Fowles
Executive Officer

Greg comes from a mechanical engineering background and is the hands-on owner of New Age Materials based in Seaview, Wellington. He has been recycling mainframe and computer scrap since 1981 and catalytic converters since 1991. His customer base includes most of the metal and auto recyclers throughout New Zealand. He values honesty, integrity and long-term relationships in business and in life. Greg holds the External Relations portfolio.

Korina Kirk

Korina has been working in the New Zealand metals recycling industry since 1989. She is a Director of Metalcorp NZ Ltd, which operates two yards in the South Island. Since 2012, she has served as a member of the Trade Committee of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) based in Washington, DC. She is a past President of the Association, serving in that role from 2011-2018.

Kelvin Healy

Kelvin is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Alert Engineering Co Ltd, who are the Southern Hemisphere's leading manufacturer and supplier of recycling machinery to the scrap and waste industry.

Joseph Gibson

Joseph is currently the General Manager of Sims Pacific Metals based in Auckland. He's been working in the metals recycling industry since 1979 and has been employed by Sims since 1993, when he managed the installation of the company's Christchurch shredder. From 2003-2018, he worked in various roles for Sims in Australia. Joseph joined the Board in 2019 after being elected for a two-year term and holds the Health & Safety portfolio.

Glen Jacobs

Glen is the Operations Manager for Macaulay Metals, New Zealand's biggest privately-owned metal recycler. He is trade qualified in the engineering industry, having worked for various firms and has owned his own business. He has worked in the metal recycling industry since 2009 and is passionate about new technologies in the industry as well as educating people about recycling in New Zealand. Glen holds the Environmental portfolio.

Jon Holmes

Jon is a Partner in KPMG's Wellington office. He has considerable experience in providing accounting services and advice to privately-owned businesses. His focus is on helping businesses meet their financial, strategic and governance goals. Thanks to his relationship with the Association and having several clients within the industry, Jon is passionate about the business of metals recycling.